Saturday, August 8, 2015

18 Holes For 19 PALS

The 2015 Ice Bucket Challenge will be different. You need to understand that. This year, rather than just shout "Donate to ALS!" in your ice bucket video,  direct your funds and your challenge to a specific ALS charity. 

We are proud to be listed among the amazing small charities on, a directory of small groups who work with families if ALS daily. The groups are divided into three segments:

-  Research
-  Patient Services
-  Advocacy

So pick a charity ( is a good one), dump your ice, challenge 3 friends and DONATE!

The 19  honorees shown in this video represent hundreds of thousands of families affected by ALS over the years. Donate for them. But choose a charity that tugs at your heart.

Thanks for getting wet and cold.